What Is?

So what is, What is?  We have compiled a quick non-geek guide for the essential components which make up a computer.  With this quick guide you can get up to speed on Processors, Graphics Cards,RAM/Memory & Hard drives etc.  Included within are some recommendations of sizes & types of components you may wish to reference to decide what you need for your perfect custom PC build.

What is a Motherboard?

First up, what is a Motherboard and why is such a Mom?  Why is the socket type so important with your CPU?  Should you get an AMD or Intel based one?  What on earth are all those confusing connectors?

What is a CPU/Processor?

Secondly on to the brain of a computer, the CPU/Processor, what is it, what does it actually do and what does one look like?  All explained here.

What is a Hard Drive?

What is a Hard Drive, what one is best for you?  What are the performance differences between standard platter drives and SSD?

What is a Video / Graphics Card?

What is a Video card for, do you even need to buy one?  If you are after a basic card or a serious gaming one how should you find the one for you?

What is a Power Supply (PSU)?

Your Power Supply Unit or more commonly just “Power Supply”, is an important part of your computer.  A very unexciting component yet extremely important for you to choose the correct one.  So how much power do you need?  Read on to get the low-down.

What is USB?

Now for the best invention in computing, USB literally changed everything in computing.  But what is it?  What is its history?  And why is it so universal?  Believe me building a computer and connecting peripherals used to be *much* harder, now it’s as easy as pie – all thanks to USB.

What is Ethernet?

Why is Ethernet so important?  What is it? What do you need to setup a home network?

There you have it, some of the basics which make up your full computer, and network.  Is there anything else you would like to us to add?  Please let us know using the buttons for Twitter, Facebook or Google+!


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