Step By Step Instructions: How To Build Your Own PC

Learn how to build a custom pc computer with this easy to follow guide

Interested in learning how to build your own custom pc computer? Follow our easy, step-by-step instructional guide designed to teach you what parts you need and how to install hardware for your new pc computer.

  1. Getting Started
  2. A List of Everything you Will Need
  3. Choosing Your Parts and Operating System
  4. Preparing the Case
  5. Preparing the Motherboard
  6. Motherboard Installation
  7. Install Drives
  8. Connect The Cables
  9. Performing The First Boot Up
  10. Install the Operating System
  11. Troubleshooting Your New Computer

You can also learn more about computing in the computer articles section, view tutorials on PC hardware, and get troubleshooting help if you are having problems.


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