Notebook Computer or Desktop Computer?

Choosing whether to buy a notebook computer, or build your own custom PC depends on the type of work and play you are going to be doing. We will describe the pros and cons of notebook computers and desktop systems.

Notebook Computers


  • Lightweight and compact, work anywhere!
  • Portable and flexible with wireless connections
  • Tend to hold their value better than desktop equivalent systems


  • Smaller screen size and keyboard
  • Limited hardware upgrading
  • May lack some features and functionality of a full desktop system
  • Sometimes more expensive than a similar desktop computer

Desktop Computers


  • More modular and upgrade ready
  • Wider choice of peripherals including larger monitor/screen size
  • Generally cheaper than notebook computers for a similar setup


  • Can be very bulky depending on case size
  • Don’t hold their value as well


It really depends on your needs, and how you are going to use the system. If you need portable and don’t plan on doing any design work or playing games, then a laptop is the answer. If you need more system resources at your disposal with an ergonomic work environment, then choose a desktop. If you have enough money, choose both…as they each have their advantages.

Paul Westfield

Paul is an IT Professional with 18 years experience. Dedicated to enabling people to get the most out of their computers.

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