What is a Computer Tutorial?

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When you are learning to use a computer or you are learning to use the “What is” style computer tutorials are great learning tools. It can be fun sometimes to try to learn on your own but after a while of looking at something that you have never seen before you are longing for a tutorial to help move your learning along.

Tutorials have every aspect covered. They are the best learning tools because you can learn at your own pace. Tutorials come with pictures of what screens you are supposed to be seeing and if you and the book aren’t on the same page you know you made a mistake and you can start over again and find where you made your mistake.

Tutorials are also great because they spell out everything you need and give you pictures. More people learn how to use a program or the computer by using the tutorials. There are tutorials available for all programs like, Windows, Excel, Access, Outlook, HTML and Internet use.

They will show you what tabs to use, shortcuts and formulas. You will be an expert in no time. You can buy these tutorials in the stores or you can find sometimes find free tutorials online.

Paul Westfield

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