Is Broadband Worth the Price?

So you are contemplating the switch from dial up to broadband, and are probably thinking to yourself: Is broadband worth the extra money per month?

If you are new to computing, and don’t fully realize the power of the internet, it may be an easy choice to settle for the slowness and occasional headaches of having a dial up connection. But if you are intermediate to advanced computer user, or want to fully take advantage of all that the world wide web has to offer, you should definitely consider upgrading to broadband.

Advantages of a broadband connection:

  1. Increased download AND upload speeds (usually 20-50 times faster than dial up)
  2. Always on, instant connection (if you choose)

With the advancements in technology recently and the significant price reductions in storage, media rich content is filling the internet faster than people can keep up. With the explosion of You Tube and other video related sites, having a fast and reliable connection is a necessity. Another indicator of where the internet is going points to the increase in both movie and music related downloads. Grabbing large files off the Web is tedious task with a 56k dial up connection, and it usually involves leaving your computer on for long periods of time and simply walking away.

So ask yourself this question. Can you spare an extra $20 a month to enjoy all that the internet has to offer?

It’s a matter of priorities…and we feel that it is definitely worth the price.

Paul Westfield

Paul is an IT Professional with 18 years experience. Dedicated to enabling people to get the most out of their computers. Paul Westfield's Google+